Meet Nancy



My fourth book just went to the publisher. Look for it in November 2015. In the meantime, pick up a copy of Lottie Moon: Changing China for Christ, now available from,,, and other retailers!

I am inspired by people who live their passions, by those who simply put one foot in front of the other on the journey to make a difference. Perhaps that is why I love writing biographies–they are the stories of ordinary people who did extraordinary things. And in their stories, we read the potential that lies in us all. The subjects of my books did not live without fear, but they chose to rise above the fears and self-doubts that plague us all. They chose to become world changers, and that is why they inspire me!

I have over 15 years of professional writing and teaching experience, working with writers and students of all ages. I love people–their stories, their quirks, their possibilities, their dreams. Through this site and through my books, my prayer is that I can help my readers find their personal path to changing their corner of the world. On these pages, you will find links to my books, inspirational thoughts, and blog posts that remind you that we are each called to make a difference.

Are you ready to change the world? Then let’s go!


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